Woody Allen’s Second Worst Nightmare

There’s this honey rare steak
With slices of apple pie for eyes
That can moonwalk on the sun
& she calls me nicknames.
I’m ripe like a computer fresh off the vine
Please pick me. Please.

I could eat a cloud on a July day
& watch the ants count people.
How can anything get done with just two feet? They wonder.
They set a magnifying glass on them, turning bone to ash.
How sweet it is to be caught in your dust buster.

You’re the fragile love interest
from a 90’s medical drama
on the National Broadcasting Company,
& I’m the next door neighbor
On Must See TV
Who might be next in line for a spin off.
We always bring in the best Nielson ratings.

I ache to look at pictures
You take of your reflection
In the bathroom mirror.
I’d like it on Facebook as many times as I could.

These days I hate myself
For deciding to love you so much.

I’m so afraid that you’re real.

(Written after seeing the new Woody Allen film To Rome With Love)


~ by ripgrimey on July 8, 2012.

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