Wendy couldn’t stop laughing.


They had just been kicked out of the water park because she had found a Styrofoam surfboard in a building marked “Employees Only” and taken it into the giant wave pool. The large LCD screen that counted down the seconds until the next round of waves had gotten to 0 as Wendy cried, “Surfs up, motherfuckers!” She had never surfed before but somehow managed to stand on the board for a few seconds before it caved in and she wiped out. Lifeguards had taken her by the arms and thrown her out of the park. Ink and Dennis had followed after them, shouting out congratulations on her surfing skills.


Now outside the water park and heading towards the place where they had locked up their bikes and boards, Dennis said, “Killer waves, brah.” They all laughed some more and Ink unlocked his and Wendy’s boards from Dennis’ bike.


“Where do we wanna go now?” asked Ink, his skin glowing from the sun.


“Let’s go hang out by the old Happynap place, maybe break a window or two,” replied Dennis his eyes humungous behind his glasses, excitement on his face for the first time in months.


Wendy couldn’t say no, even though she hated the old place, she’d go hang for a bit just to make Dennis happy. “Fine,” she said placing the wheels of her board on the hot asphalt, “but you gotta keep up with us, kid.”


“I’m on a bike,” said Dennis, slicking back his hair, “it’s you who’s going to have to keep up.


The three of them rode off to the other side of town, and they were happy.


~ by ripgrimey on August 17, 2011.

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