We Could Go To The Water Park

Wendy, Dennis, and Ink had a lot of fun at the water park. It was hot that day, hotter than the one before it (but not as hot as the one that would come after it) and the chilled water felt good on their skin. Wendy made sure Dennis put extra sunscreen on and he didn’t protest. After all, the last thing a shut in wanted was sunburn that would bring people into his room asking him how it felt. The park wasn’t that big, it had a couple of good slides, a better than average lazy river, but what it did have was an excellent wave pool. Wendy and Ink hit the slides first. The wooden staircases that led to the top of the slides seemed to be expanding from the heat of the rough sun. Wendy and Ink raced down their slides as Dennis stood in the shade at the bottom to see who would come out first.


“Ink wins!” Dennis cried.


Wendy pouted her lips and made Ink race again and again and again. He won each time. “It’s because you’re fat,” she said pink in the face not from the sun but from embarrassment.


“Let’s go cool off in the lazy river, you sore loser.” Ink slung his arm around Dennis’ neck playfully pulling him toward the lazy river. Wendy and Dennis grabbed inner tubes but Ink just jumped in and started swimming around, trying to flip people.


Wendy was glad for the peaceful moment. The park wasn’t crowded so the lazy river wasn’t its usual “bumping into every person on the planet” self. She was thrilled that Dennis was out of the house and having some fun. Sometimes, she felt too grown up with the way she cared about her little brother. She was going to miss him a lot when she went off to school. Wendy lay there in her tube letting the quiet rush of the chlorinated water pass by her, hypnotizing her into a dull sleep…


…Just as she started to really drift off she felt a hand on her butt from under the water. Panic goose-bumped her skin and sent a chill down her spine. Suddenly, she wasn’t in the tube anymore, she was being pushed into the air by the hand. She hung, suspended in space for a moment before crashing back down into the water. A rush of sound surrounded her as her head went under the water. She came up gasping and looking around. Laughter was ringing behind her and she turned to see Ink and Dennis high-fiving. Ink had gone all the way around the lazy river and flipped her over.


She splashed some water at them, “Jerks.” Then she couldn’t help but start laughing and she went over to Ink and playfully tried to drown him. The lifeguards surrounding the lazy river were blowing their whistles but the three kids played on.


~ by ripgrimey on August 16, 2011.

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