And Then the Sky Opened Up and God Said, “I Hate you Alfalfa!”

And the week started out unlike any other as the ceiling caved in during my monday morning recitation.

There we were 8:15 in the A.M., 17 red-eyed students, learning about the wrath of God when from up above we began to hear loud metallic clanging,  a man shouting “Oh shit!” the scrape of falling plaster, followed by a flood of brown and murky water gushing from the ceiling. As the rain came down and the class began to leave we couldn’t help but laugh as the shit storm poured down from above and we hoped 2×2 onto the arc and away from the rising waters.

I should have known right away that “The Great Flood,” as it has already been dubbed, would have been a metaphor for the week to come and after just the first three days the visions have come true. Monday continued to drag and be dull as no matter how hard I fought the day would not relent and I managed to do nothing. It was a valiant fight as I proceeded to watch Demolition Man (and no there was no fan who liked my band to talk dirty to) and Scream (for what must have been the 30th time) but all I managed to do was have my ass fall asleep. But fear not TV haters, I read too! I sat in bed reading Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses for hours last night because I COULD NOT FALL ASLEEP!

Tuesday managed to fair no better, sure I got to have my two favorite classes (Advanced College Essay and Acting) but they still failed to get any sort of a rise out of me. I’ve been on autopilot and the week is just shy of being 49 hours young. I had my first Some Girl(s) rehearsal today…more about that another time. I just don’t think I am used to all of this free time, I operate better when I’m in constant motion, sitting still does nothing but build up rust on my gears.

But if the ceiling’s cries were a metaphor for this week then it has to get better, because after the incident all we could do was laugh and enjoy the rest of the class and on our way out the room was being fixed and dried up. The week has to get better, it has to. I just need to keep it up, “I’m a big brave dog” I can do it.

And I come home soon, just not soon enough. I wish my spring break had been this week. But it was next week for a reason, now I get to see Ambar on stage again. I love her.

Can’t believe it has only been a week. I miss you.

Did I mention that I’ve been writing a lot?


~ by ripgrimey on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “And Then the Sky Opened Up and God Said, “I Hate you Alfalfa!””

  1. Ambar. Ambar. Ambar.
    Tyler. Tyler. Tyler.
    Cant wait to see you both!!!!

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